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Suspended scaffolding ZLP630,most popular Suspended Platform

suspended scaffolding ZLP630-aluminium surface

suspended scaffolding ZLP630-hot galvanizingsuspended scaffolding ZLP630-plastic

Suspended scaffolding is an ideal equipment for building facade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance. It belongs to facade access &cleaning systems, it is very popular for facade engineering group.
Suspended scaffoldings are  easy for operation, flexible for moving, reliable in safety. Besides, it is not necessary to build scaffolding in the construction, the efficiency will be promoted and the cost will be reduced. Therefore, ZLP series suspended scaffold provides workers safer, easier and more efficient platform access.
Adopting the advanced α hoisting structure, simple in structure, small in size, light in weight and smooth in movement, with its maximum working breadth 6m, applicable to operations at heights such as the decoration and cleaning work.

Technical parameters of suspended scaffolding ZLP630

Rated load630 kg
Lifting speed9.3 m/min
Rated power1.5x 2KW
Model of hoister
Model of safety lock
Wire rope type
4x 31SW+FC-8.3
Diameter :8.3mm
Size of suspended platform (L- W- H)(2000x3) x 760×1450 mm
Weight of suspension mechanism360 KG
Weight of lifting part480 kg (steel)
340 kg (aluminum alloy)
Qty of package(20'GP)10

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