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work platform of  BMU with foam protection

Working Platform For Building Maintenance Units(BMU)

This working platform is specially produced for Building Maintenance Units(BMU) to meet the customized different demands. We are the Working platform manufacturer for BMU.We supply this platform to many custom,such as PRO-BEL. Different from the standard suspended platform,this kind of …

Suspended platform (all models)

the suspended powered platform is mainly used in the outer working, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high building.

Suspended scaffolding ZLP630,most popular Suspended Platform

Suspended staging ZLP630 is used during building construction as well as for maintenance of completed structures.

Suspended scaffold ZLP800

suspended platform ZLP800 is popularly used in façade engineering group, which features of high efficiency and easy operation.

Explosion-proof circle suspended platform

Explosion-proof  suspended platform can applies to the internal operation of the chimneys and tall tank. This suspended platform use the explosion-proof hoist and explosion-proof electric control box which can ensure  the safety in dust and high temperature environment.And it has …

double suspended platform

double suspended platform help installing glass curtain wall

Double suspended platform is customized and designed for installing big size glass on curtain wall. Sometimes the curtain wall manufacturers use suspended platform to fix the curtain wall , such as screwing bolt, smearing  waterproofing  sealant.If the glass is big,then …

About Us

Professional suspended platform manufacturer, Wuxi RIGID Machinery Co.,Ltd, supplies a wide range of suspended scaffold access equipments to the world including  traction hoist, safety lock,  aerial work platform, suspended cradle and so on .

Our products have been widely applied in industry of exterior works of buildings, such as building maintenance, facade cleaning, high access inspection repairs , painting and rendering, silicone and expansion joints, concrete repairs, window installation and banner & light installation etc.

In addition, our suspended platforms also have been used in maintenance of windmills, bridge dams, power stations, stairwell (elevator installation), and ships (shipbuilding and cleaning), etc.