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Exterior works of high buildings has been listed as risk type of work since Dec 1st, 2010

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Exterior works of high buildings has been listed as ‘risk type of work’.
Safety management rules for Construction works of buildings will be implemented from Dec 1st, 2010 in Hangzhou city.

For special type of work, the workers are required to get the necessary certificates, but for cement mixer and suspended platform operation, the concept is ambiguous. The safety management rules for construction works of buildings has clarified it into the risk type of works for the first time, it requires that bosun’s chair or rope access can not be applied for exterior works, the contractors have to install suspended work platform to carry out the exterior works.

Exterior works include painting, installation for curtain wall. Some companies, in order to save cost, adopt simple security mode and allow their workers to do dangerous operation. Daibaorong who is the secretary of the party committee from Hangzhou construction engineering quality safety supervision and terminal said when we using basket in the aloft working in future, we must set up independent safety rope. The safety lock that exceed effective standard regularly should be checked by testing institutions before using it.

The suspended platforms that are used in building site can carry both of people and materials together, which safety is high. However, as to the safety of poor material lift, the rules regulate that it is only used in vertical transportation which height less than 30 meters.

In addition, the construction unit, before they apply for a permit, shall pay more than 50% of total expenses of security protection and civilization construction first to building unit.



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