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suspended working platform ZLP1000

Suspended work platform ZLP1000 belongs to big ones. It is major used for heavy-duty exterior works of high buildings, such as high-rise buildings cleaning and maintenance , large tanks, plant chimney and big boiler, also including the exterior decoration DAMS and bridges.
Its working table can be disassembled and assembled. The equipment adopts LTD100 hoister and LSF310 safety lock. This kind of suspended scaffolds can carry 2-4 people in aerial work.

Technical parameters of working platform

Rated load1000 kg
Lifting speed9m/min
Rated power1.8×2KW
Model of hoister

Model of safety lock

Wire rope type

Size of suspended platform (L- W- H)(2500×3) x 760×1450 mm
Weight of suspension mechanism360 KG
Weight of lifting part610 kg (steel)
480 kg (aluminum alloy)
Qty of package(20'GP)8

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