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Hoist of suspended platform


Cutaway view of hoist:
cutaway view of hoistgear conveyance of inner hoist

External dimension of hoist:
External dimension of hoist

The hoist, as the core part of the swing stage, performs such multi-function as speed-reducing traction, parallel traction, lifting and hanging, etc, which ensures the suspended platform working safety.And adoptive “a” cable-guiding system with light and handy in design, compact in structure, light in weight, easy in operation and maintenance.

There are 4 types against different loading capacity:LTD100,LTD80, LTD63, LTD50

Parameters of the traction hoists of swing stage

Rated lifting force 10kN8kN6.3kN5kN
Rated lifting speed8-10m/min9.3m/min9.3m/min9.3m/min
Wire rope type
4 x31SW+FC
4 x31SW+FC
4 x31SW+FC
4 x31SW+FC
Overall dimension310x250x600mm310x250x600mm310x250x600mm310x250x600mm
AC Voltage380V(415V/220V)380V(415V/220V)380V(415V/220V)380V(415V/220V)
Braking torque15N.m15N.m15N.m15N.m
Rotation speed1420r/min1400r/min1400r/min1400r/min

Optional upon request:
1.Overload detection device
It can detect the load acting on the hoist automatically.When the load acting on the hoist reaches or exceeds the load limit,the hoist will stop rising or only descend.
2.Working time recorder
It can record how long the hoist  working which can be useful for maintenance of the hoist.
3.Manual winding handle(Seldom used by customer )
winding handle
Usually if no power, the manual winding handle can be put into the axle of the hoist and make the suspended platform up or down.

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