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Hoist For Wind Turbine Service Lift

hoist for wind turbine service lifting Size:

It is specially designed for wind turbine service lifting with EN 1808 safety standard.
And the hoist have manual descending mechanism and hand wheel ascending mechanism.
If you like ,mechanism overload limit device can be your optional choice.


Rated Load630kg750kg500kg600kg500kg650kg
Lifting Speed9.1m/min9.1m/min14.5m/min14.5m/min18m/min18m/min
Rated Power1.5kw1.8kw1.5kw1.8kw2.2kw3.0kw
Rated Speed1400r/min1400r/min1400r/min1400r/min2800r/min2800r/min
Dia. Of Wire Rope8.3mm9.1mm8.3mm8.3mm8.3mm9.1mm

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