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Different Suspension And Anchoring Of Suspended Platform

Different from the normal suspended platform,there are some optional choice for suspension of working platform  and anchoring on the roof.
1.For suspension of working platform
There are three different stirrups.

End Stirrup
Fitted at the ends of the platform.
End stirrup of suspended platformThis is the most economical and lightweight version,although showing extraordinary performances.

Frame Stirrup
Slipped over the platform like a “frame”.
Frame stirrup of the platform
With this structure ,the ends of the platform can be cleared out,and therefore the building corners can be easily accessed.

L Stirrup
Placed at the rear of the platform behind the workers
L stirrup
The working surface is completely clear and the whole facade can be easily accessed.

2.Anchoring options
the suspension jibs and parapet clamp
The platform applies to all types of suspension which are manufactured ,according to the current standards and recommendations.The EN 1808 stipulates a safety factor of 3 for anchor points and suspension structures. Rigid offers a complete range of suspension structures which can be fitted on different types of roofs: the suspension jibs or the parapet clamp.
In most applications,it is possible to use a system of mobile suspension jibs in the roof for attachment of temporary suspended platforms.


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