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Difference between the scaffold and suspended scaffolding

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Difference between the scaffold and suspended scaffolding

1.what is scaffold


The scaffold refers to various brackets which are laid to solve vertical and horizontal transportation for the workers in the construction site. Scaffold is the universal term in the architectural field and is used in the places where outer wall and inner wall are decorated or the building in high floor can’t be directly constructed. Scaffold is mainly used for construction, periphery safety grid maintenance and overhead installation , etc, that is lay the scaffold.Universally, the scaffold is made of bamboo, timber, steel tube, composite material, etc. Some projects uses the scaffold as a template; moreover, it is widely used in advertising industry, municipal facility, traffic road and bridge, mine and other departments

2.what’s suspended platform

The suspended scaffolding is high-efficiency modern overhead operation equipment capable of replacing a traditional scaffold and being reused. Generally, the suspended scaffolding can be divided into two kinds: manual and electric. It is widely applied to the outer wall construction, curtain wall installation and outer wall cleaning and maintenance in high rise; and it can be also applied to large tanks, bridges, dams and other engineering operations.

The suspended scaffolding is manufactured by the manufacturer with the building mechanical production licence; its product quality must meet the stipulation of industrial standards “Safety Inspection Standard of Building Construction” and “Safety Rule of Suspended Platform for Overhead Operation”; moreover, the construction company uses the suspended platform which is recommended by the building safety supervision institution and is identified to be qualified according to “Supervision Management Rule of using Safety Protective Tool and Mechanical Equipment in Construction Site”; No matter which kind of suspended platform or scaffold is used, it must verify the strengthen and rigidity of the working platform and the outrigger structure and the safety coefficient of the steel wire is verified; and all data and reports need to be reviewed and approved by the superior. When manufacturing and assembling the suspended platform, it shall enhance the technical safety supervision and inspect the quality strictly; after being checked and accepted by the superior technical, quality and safety departments, it can be put into use so as to guarantee safe construction.

3.scope of scaffold and suspended scaffolding

(1)The scaffold is widely applied to houses, bridges, culverts, tunnels, funnels, water towers, dams, large-span canopy frames and various engineering constructions.

Wherein, the member node of the bowl clasp type scaffold is connected by the bowl clasps, which is in stable connection; the combined scaffold has good integration performance; therefore, it has rapid development in application while the gate-type steel tube scaffold can be used as the external scaffold, inner scaffold and full scaffold; it has the features of standardized dimension, reasonable structure, good stress performance, easy detachment and installation in construction, safety, reliability, economy and practicability and thus becomes one of the commonest scaffolds in the world.

If the wheels are installed under the gate frame, it can be used as a mobile worktable for motor installation, painting, equipment maintenance, ads manufacturing; moreover, the external scaffold in the construction has two kinds: single row and double rows; there is only one row of vertical columns in the single row type; the other end of the horizontal pole is born on the wall; the scaffold on the metope needs to be repaired. The external scaffold needs to be bond with the outer wall to increase its stability. One binding piece can be set every three steps and spans; the binding piece can be divided to a rigid type and a soft type. The inner scaffold is installed inside the buildings and used for bricking the wall or decorating the inside. Generally, the inner scaffold is a tool type including a folded type, a support column type, a gate frame type and other structural forms; and it has the features of portability, flexibility, convenience in installation and detachment.

(2)The application scope of the hanging basket is shown in three aspect below:


Building decoration, cleaning, and maintenance.As building cleaning and maintenance equipment, the hanging basket is widely adopted in high rise. It can be matched with many device on the roof to complete the cleaning and maintenance, which is simple and reliable in operation and low in maintenance cost.


Bridge overhaul, maintenance and construction

The hanging basket is commonly adopted in inspecting, maintaining and constructing the bridge in foreign developed countries; China also adopts it in the renovation of many large-scale bridges.


Application in other industries.

The hanging scaffold is widely applied to vessel decoration in the vessel manufacturing industry, installation and maintenance of large-scale cables, overhaul of large dams and installation of shaft elevator orbit.

4.Compared with the scaffold, which advantages does the suspended platform have?

The scaffold shall be used in the building with stories less than 6 floors. Generally, the height of the scaffold is about 2 meters, which is accumulated and laid one by one; considering its stability, the scaffold is also used in low-story buildings or ad plaque.

The electric hanging basket is special for constructing the outer wall of building; and it is always used in high rise with 30-stories

Moreover, compared with the full steel tube scaffold for outer metope, the suspended platform for constructing the outer wall has the advantages of rapid build-up speed, saving of mass scaffold materials and labor, convenient and flexible operation, good technical and economic benefits. Specifically, it includes:

A. save the rental fee

During the construction of main body, it adopts a subsectional hanging method; after completing the main body, total scaffolds are detached; and the powered suspended platform is used to greatly save the rental fee and shorten the pipeline use time; and it is very rapid, convenient and safe in construction.

B.   save the safety grid, paint, and frame plate; Chengdu Scaffold Rental

It adopts subsectional hanging in the construction site; total scaffolds are detached after it cuts off water for the main body; therefore, the safety grid, the pocket grid and the paint have little amount; and it doesn’t need the fully-laid frames; and it can save the production cost again. labor fee

During the construction period, it adopts vertical transportation in the construction site; when building up the outer frame, it can greatly alleviate the labor strength of the operator; if the condition allows, it can adopt a single-row protective frame in the individual place or part, thereby reducing the labor cost caused by vertical transportation. transportation fee, consumption, loading and unloading fee, and joist beam cost
As it adopts subsectional build-up, it consumes less amount than the fully scaffold, which will greatly save the consumption, transportation fee, loading and unloading fee, joist steel cost, cleaning fee and low consumable cost.



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