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Contract With North Client(PROBEL Company)

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January 29th, 2013, President of Canadian PROBEL company visited RIGID and signed the agency agreement, which means RIGID company starts to open North American market.

The PROBEL (China) Co., Ltd is our company’s high-quality client, they have very strict requirement on suspended gondola’s quality,but quite satisfied with my company since my company’s products as well as follow-up services protection in July 2012, I Our products are sent to the headquarters, the headquarters for a series of rigorous testing and market research and confirm, on the basis of recognized Division I hanging baskets products, our products have independent and complete independent intellectual property rights, in the North American market will not cause any unnecessary intellectual property disputes, the Mr. President to come to China to investigate further confirmed that the technology and the supply capacity of the Division I immediately signed the 2013 annual agency agreement, while recognizing that our company is the sole supplier of general Behan!

RIGID machinery will strive to continuously improve and establish a brand in the North American market for Chinese gondola.

For more information of this products mentioned above,please visit this address :Working Platform For Building Maintenance Units(BMU)


Pro-Bel (China) is the subsidiary of Pro-Bel Group of Companies in China. They have variety products in suspended window washing equipments, facades maintenance equipments and fall protection equipment for workers working at height.

As a leading international company, Pro-Bel has successfully completed over 5000 projects in Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East and China. Some of Pro-Bel’s safety concepts and approaches have been accepted by relevant Canadian and USA government or associations as part of codes and regulations and widely applied in many of the buildings over three stories worldwide.

Pro-Bel also has patents registered in Canada and USA. Its technology and products are in the front in the area and will continually innovate and develop in this area.



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