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An warn from a suspended platform accident in Changsha

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[SUMMARY] March 12, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC  issued on its official website ” The notice of supervision for the accident in the housing municipal engineering processing about the safety ”.

And the notice required Housing and Urban Construction Department of Hunan Province to investigate the accident “on about 8:45 ,March 7th, 2013 ,there happended a suspended platform falling accident which caused three workers died during the construction processing on  Greenland Central Plaza, Changsha City ” .

Our analysis for this accident

In early 2013, according to rough statistics, the suspended gondola accident casualties have been about seven, one of the most serious is {Summary} shown above ,and  Nanjing together two casualties. What is the reason ? Disorderly market competition, desperately low prices, resulting in a growing number of unqualified suspended gondola, or even its accessories going into the market.

We know that the above two incidents involved the suspended gondola attachments’ quality factors:

1 .The wire rope for suspended gondola is bad quality.
In the two incidents the several few wire ropes broked at the same time.So it is sured that not only it has the mechanical problem ,but also the wire rope is with low quality.It is certainly that some wire rope can not arrriving the breaking force which resulting fracture and  then the breaking.

2 .The material quality of wire rope and safety lock’ clamp and cover is not qualified.
Under normal circumstances sefety lock can be locked, while in an encounter unexpected situations it can not be locked .Why? It is mainly from the material strength and processing of rope clamp for safety lock.And as standard,the clamp  and cover for safety lock must use the 17Si stainless steel, and must with the nitrogen treatment, otherwise the cover will crank and the  safety lock can not lock  if it meets a sudden impact.

With the low quality of wire rope and rope clamp,the cost of the suspended gondola can reduce how much?

1. We select the wire rope of  FASTEN GROUP( with the generally price 15000 yuan/ton,but the price of low-grade wire rope is only 7000-9000 yuan / ton. So the  large difference of price cause  the large difference of quality.

2. For the cover and the rope clamp of safety lock ,we select the 17Si special stainless steel which price is 70,000yuan/ton about.

But some select 45 steel which price is about 4500yuan/ton,of course the worse timplate even cheaper.

Maybe you are wonder how to identify .The method is very simple: A single safety lock weight must be more than 5kg for qualified products.

If want to be in business,should choose qualified products to protect the most basic safety requirements, which is the basic understanding of ours.



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