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Why choose RIGID Suspended Platform?

◆With excellent European Technology for hoist of 21st century.
◆We strictly comply with the ISO9001/2000 certification to organize production.
◆With first-class technical supports, what we can offer you are not only the high-performance suspended  stage (suspended scaffolding), but also the solution package on exterior works of buildings, cleaning and etc.
Suspended platform(suspended scaffolding) Working Safety can be ensured well

Our company core value can be best expressed as:“ our production is not only the product, but credibility and quality.”During the whole suspended platform & BMU manufacturing, we strictly comply with the ISO9001:2000 certification. We have excellent experts and senior engineers and senior technicians, as you can see, we are capable of designing, manufacturing custom suspended platform &BMU.In addition, we have established a leading design institute, manufacturing center .

RIGID all the time warmly welcome you to visit our company for business cooperation, we will strive to supply you proper solutions and excellent service.

Factory of RIGID Suspended Platform


Workshop of RIGID Suspended Platform

overall workshop of RIGID suspended platformmachining center for suspended platform
assembling spot 1 for suspended platformassembling spot 2 for suspended platform
assembling spot 3